The Western Cape Government (WCG) takes pleasure in announcing that it has completed the implementation of its 1st rolling three (3) year Provincial Evaluation Plan (PEP).

Departmental Evaluation Plans

Evaluations are guiding porocesses to enable the Department to ensure improved, efficient and appropriate services to the range of clients within the Province.

This plan details our quest to improve through measurement and external scrutiny for a better agricultural sector in the Province Better together not only in implementation but in critical assessments as well.

Evaluation Plans:
WCDoA Evaluation Plan 2023-2024
WCDoA Evaluation Plan 2022-2023
WCDoA Evaluation Plan 2021-2022
WCDoA Evaluation Plan 2019-2020
WCDoA Evaluation Plan 2018-2019
WCDoA Evaluation Plan 2017-2018
WCDoA Evaluation Plan 2016-2017

Growth for Jobs Strategy 2035 (G4J)

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