Farm Worker Development

What do we offer:

The purpose of this sub-programme is to enhance the image and the socio-economic conditions of agri workers and their families, through facilitation of training and development initiatives, in order to improve their quality of life.

Collaboration with industry partners and other government departments has been pivotal in ensuring access to government services for agri workers and rural communities, addressing and stabilsing potential volatility related to labour matters as well as promoting ethical practice on farms, ultimately contributing to international market accessibility. The sub-programme also investigates housing conditions and unfair labour practices of agri workers on farms, as well as ensuring access to services through the referral system.

Other Key Initiatives:

Western Cape Prestige Agri Awards

Agri Worker Household Census

Contact details of Rural Development: Farm Worker Development (FWD) Officials:

Information at a Glance – please contact:

Mr Darryl Jacobs – DDG: ADSS

Tel:       021 808 5015


Fax:      086 729 7127

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