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Access to markets and information, fair participation, retaining and repositioning into sustainable markets are some of the critical concerns that this division aims to address. The focus is skewed towards the identification of market opportunities and risks through research, packaging and dissemination of such information through appropriate channels. While the research conducted focuses on traditional markets, there is also research conducted for niche and differentiated products and industries that need to be developed and exploited. Facilitation of market access to ensure uptake of identified opportunities at both local and international markets is also one of the services provided. This component also aims to improve the bargaining power of farmers, sharing of expertise and collective pulling of resources through facilitation of co-operative development. The division also promotes agribusiness support through value-adding, provision of advisory services to unlock opportunities provided by AgriBEE Charter, facilitation of partnerships and acquisition of funding for increased investment in the sector.

Our Services

The Department of Agriculture can advise and support you with your business BEE implementation plan.  

The establishment of co-operatives are the responsibility of an agricultural economist, dealing with co-operative co-ordination.

This sub-division collects data, analyses and distributes information on quantities as well as prices of selected agricultural produce.

The Market Access Programme sets out to strengthen the economic sustainability of black smallholder and commercial producer farms by addressing the upstream and downstream market access challenges across the value chain.

Market Analysis is a sub-section of Agricultural Marketing & Agribusiness, whereby market research activities are undertaken. 

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