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The economic security of the Western Cape agricultural sector is something that cannot be taken for granted, but which must be nurtured and cultivated. In the extremely competitive global environment characterised by fast-changing consumer preferences and the market environment, the services of this Programme provide a buttress for security. The services are provided through its fve divisions i.e. Marketing and Agribusiness, Production Economics, Statistics, Macro and Resource Economics and Agri-processing Support.

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In order to monitor trends and to make good decisions at all levels of responsibility (both within and without of the Department) good and reliable “data” or statistics is necessary. It is unfortunate that for various reasons the consistency of the agricultural economics database currently needs to be addressed as spurious claims are often made regarding various important agricultural issues. It follows that it is necessary to develop a comprehensive agricultural economics database in order to monitor certain actual trends in the agricultural sector.

The aim of this sub-programme are to facilitate the production of new products, create and expand marketing opportunities and thereby increase producers’ income.

The purpose of this division is to develop the necessary mathematical frameworks and to evaluate the impact of various local and international environmental and policy measures on the economy of the Province.

Access to markets and information, fair participation, retaining and repositioning into sustainable markets are some of the critical concerns that this division aims to address. Facilitation of market access to ensure uptake of identified opportunities at both local and international markets is also one of the services provided. This component also aims to improve the bargaining power of farmers, sharing of expertise and collective pulling of resources through facilitation of co-operative development. The division also promotes agribusiness support through value-adding, provision of advisory services to unlock opportunities provided by AgriBEE Charter, facilitation of partnerships and acquisition of funding for increased investment in the sector.

This division research and analyse the relative competitiveness of local farming systems and management practices in relation to international best practice. The results of these actions are wrapped in advice packages and disseminated to the whole spectrum of clients. 

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