Market Analysis

Market analysis is a sub-section of Agricultural Marketing & Agribusiness, whereby market research activities are undertaken. 

Market research requires 2 main activities:

  • Finding out how the market works,
    • The channels through which products pass.?
    • Who the important people and companies are?
    • How they do their business and who they currently buy from (sourcing)?
    • Their interest in trading with farmers from your area.
    • Who they sell to?
  • Finding out what products the market demands
    • Product specifications – varieties, colour, size, grade, quality, and packaging,
    • Prices – price patterns, price variations according to the season, quality and supply,
    • Supply – volumes, competing suppliers and seasonality.
    • Preferences of customers and consumers
    • Opportunities for additional products to be marketed.

Why is Market Analysis Important?

  • Understand the main trends in global trade
  • Advocate policy changes
  • Formulate export strategy
  • Assess our (farmers) performance
  • Find new market opportunities
  • Prepare negotiations
  • Diversify (farmer) export portfolio
  • …and others

Different research tools & information hubs are used to perform market analysis such as Trade MapMarket Access MapStandards Map, Quantec, Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), World Bank databases, etc.  

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