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When a need for the establishment of a co-operative has been identified, information sessions will be held with the beneficiaries, so that relevant information around the ethics, values, working of, advantages and disadvantages of co-operatives could be explained and discussed. Only after the sessions and if there is still interest in forming the co-operative, the registration process will start. To be eligible to be register as a co-operative the members of the co-operative must attend all the sessions.


The establishment of co-operatives are the responsibility of an agricultural economist, dealing with co-operative co-ordination.


Step 1: Conduct a need analysis for the following issues:

  • Identify the objectives (exactly what the co-operative aims to do)
  • Equipment, buildings and other materials needed in the enterprise
  • Financial requirements (how are you going to obtain this?)
  • Premises (where the co-operative will be allocated)
  • Human capital
  • Identify interested members
  • Invite them to the meeting
  • Present the concept

Step 2: Election of Steering committee which will be responsible for the following:

  • Draw up a business plan
  • Draw up a constitution, which will lay down the procedures to be followed by the co-operative in achieving its aims and objectives
  • Ensure the smooth operation of the co-operative  and provide supervision
  • Determine possible names for the co-operative

Step 3: Convening of formation meeting:

  • Election of the first board of directors

Step 4: Meeting of Board of Directors and Registration of co-operative:

  • Completing the following documents with the Registrar of co-operatives; CR1, 4 and 8
  • Proof of payment for registration

Step 5-8: Registration process

Step 5: Register as a customer with CIPC to ensure customer code. Complete name reservation forms.

Step 6: Complete forms for registering co-operative (CR1, 4 and 8)

Step 7: Pay the registration fee (R215,00) and use the customer number that you obtained

Step 8: Submit registration forms together with proof of payment to CIPC, Private Bag X237, Pretoria, 001.

If you need any advice or assistance please contact the following individuals:

Mr Edwin Boshoff
Cell no: 078 0021 920
Office no: 021-808 7739/ 028-840 1243   
Mr Maliviwe Makeleni
Cell no: 061 463 0771
Office no: 021 808 5413

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