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The realisation of safe and cohesive communities is an imperative, as crime and fragmented communities reduce the life chances and opportunities of individuals. Sustainable agriculture is dependent on sustainable production and therefore safety is a collective responsibility for all in the sector. The core of the Western Cape Government Recovery plan is human dignity. The impact of a lack of safety measures across the sector negatively impacts on the sector and therefore creating safe spaces,  speaks to the very core of our foundational values of dignity, equality and freedom. A person’s freedom and dignity cannot be fully realised if she/he lives in fear of their safety, be it in their personal space and or in the work environment.

Our producers and agri-workers, as the agents, to enable our food security, deserve to be acknowledged, appreciated and protected. As long as our producers live in fear, and are attacked without reason, the nation will suffer. For this reason, the Department of Agriculture prioritised Rural Safety as a Ministerial Priority and Rural Safety has been institutionalised and formally signed off and approved in August 2020. In this regard, the Department has taken the lead in the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Rural Safety chaired by Minister Meyer and Technical Committee on Rural Safety chaired by the Deputy Director General (DDG), Mr Darryl Jacobs

Furthermore, a Rural Safety Desk has been established within the Western Cape Department of Agriculture.  The desk provides a platform for the public, farmers/producers, agri workers and agricultural stakeholders to log enquiries, queries, and matters on rural safety. A dedicated rural safety desk email address has been created:

Latest list of accredited Farm Watches:

Rural Safety Pocket Guide and Leaflet:

The purpose of the Pocket Guide and Leaflet:

  • The Rural Safety pocket guide provides practical guidelines to address safety issues in the agricultural sector and the broader rural community. The booklet offers practical personal safety tips, both at household and farm level as well as road safety measures.
  • The booklet is a resource aimed at providing effective communication on rural safety aspects with the ultimate goal of creating a safe, protected and sustainable agricultural environment.
  • This comprehensive booklet offers safety tips aimed at driving crime reduction in farming and agri worker communities as well as the broader rural community.
  • Contact details of representatives responsible for rural safety are outlined in the booklet and these representatives can be contacted in case of emergencies.
  • Above all, the pocket guide is an educational tool, ensuring the sharing of key information and capacity building of agricultural stakeholders with regards to rural safety.

Information at a Glance – please contact:

Mr Darryl Jacobs – DDG: ADSS

Tel:       021 808 5015



Fax:      086 729 7127

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