Training and education

State veterinarians are responsible for training and education on both a formal and informal basis. Formal training is provided through the Elsenburg Agricultural Training Institute to students pursuing a Bachelors degree in Agriculture in the form of subjects on animal health as well as a registered bovine artificial insemination course. Animal Health Technicians (AHTs) also complete the Tuberculosis and Brucellosis component of their studies under the supervision of a state veterinarian and experienced AHT. Informal training is given to veterinary science students during their studies to expose them to the work of a state veterinarian.

The control animal health technician (CAHT) in each state veterinary office monitors and oversees the work of the other AHTs and also mentors AHT students during their final year of training which is an experiential training year.

Veterinary Services employs State veterinarians (SV), Animal Health technicians (AHT) and Veterinary Technologists (VT) who all have to be registered with and are regulated by the South African Veterinary Council 

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Administration clerks, office assistants, data capturers and laboratory assistants are some of the other positions within Western Cape Government Veterinary Services program.

Students who would like to do a job shadow or elective week (as part of a formal qualification) should contact the local state vet office directly.

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