Ladies and gentlemen, Deputy Secretary General Stephen Lee, Minister of Home assignment Steven Tai, Deputy Director General Dr Jyh-Rong Tsay, distinguished guests, and fellow participants,


Today, I stand before you with a heart full of gratitude and excitement to share the incredible journey we embarked on thanks to the ICDF in Taiwan. Our two-week course in Agritechnology was nothing short of a life-changing experience, and I am honoured to speak on behalf of all my fellow participants from various countries.


First and foremost, let me extend our heartfelt thanks to the ICDF in Taiwan for their generous invitation, warm hospitality, and meticulous planning that made this workshop possible. They not only welcomed us with open arms but also opened our eyes to a world of possibilities in agriculture and culture.


Now, let’s delve into the remarkable technological advancements we witnessed during our time in Taiwan. The ICDF presented us with a comprehensive insight into the agricultural innovations of Taiwan, including sensors, data management, disease control, environmental sensory technology, machine learning, AI systems, and, of course, the application of drones in agriculture.


Some of us might have encountered drones before, yet witnessing their integration into the realm of agriculture was truly impressive. These drones are not your everyday flying machines; they are a pivotal tool in modern farming practices, working tirelessly to monitor and care for crops with precision and efficiency. They represent a vital step forward in sustainable farming practices.

Taiwan has seamlessly incorporated these technologies into their agricultural landscape, revolutionizing the way crops are grown, monitored, and managed. This integration not only boosts productivity but also minimizes environmental impact and maximizes resource efficiency—a commendable feat that we can all strive to emulate in our own regions.

Now, let’s turn our attention to the impressive greenhouse facilities that we had the privilege to visit during our stay in Taiwan. These greenhouses represent a pinnacle of agricultural innovation, where the harmonious fusion of technology and nature is on full display.


In these controlled environments, plants flourish year-round, shielded from the vagaries of weather and external factors. The meticulous design and management of these greenhouses create an optimal setting for crops to thrive. It’s a testament to Taiwan’s commitment to sustainable and resource-efficient agriculture.


Walking through these greenhouses, we witnessed the meticulous care and attention to detail that goes into nurturing the crops. The experience left an indelible mark on our understanding of how technology and agriculture can coexist to ensure food security and sustainability.


The presentations we heard opened our minds and created ideas that we can take back home. They were clear and all our questions were answered. We thank each and every presenter and wish them well into their future agricultural playground of technological advancements.


Taiwan has set a remarkable example for us all in harnessing the power of technology to enhance agricultural practices, and we are eager to explore ways to implement similar techniques in our own countries.


Now, let’s talk about the wonderful people of Taiwan. They welcomed us not just with open arms but also with open hearts. The ICDF spared no expense in ensuring our comfort and enjoyment. They covered our travel expenses, provided sumptuous meals, and accommodated us in the coziest places. And let’s not forget the allowance they gave us; it allowed us to indulge in the rich and diverse culinary delights of Taiwan. In fact, I think I can speak for all of us when I say we gained more than just knowledge during our time here – we also gained a few extra pounds from all the delicious food!


And speaking of the food, I have to share a little funny anecdote. At one point, we started wondering if they were trying to fatten us up for some kind of top-secret farming experiment. We went from one delightful restaurant to another, and each meal was a culinary adventure. Our waistlines may have expanded, but our appreciation for Taiwanese cuisine grew even more. Im going to try a few recipes when I get home.


Beyond technology and gastronomy, Taiwan offered us a window into its rich culture. The cultural tours were like a whirlwind through time and tradition. From the towering Taipei 101 to the breathtaking Geopark and the treasure trove of art at the National Palace Museum, we were left in awe of Taiwan’s historical and artistic heritage.


In closing, I want to express our deepest gratitude to the ICDF and all those involved in organizing this workshop. You’ve not only enriched our minds with cutting-edge agritech knowledge but also enriched our lives with unforgettable memories. Taiwan has shown us how technology can transform agriculture, and, in doing so, has transformed our perspective.


So, to the ICDF and all our hosts and speakers in Taiwan, thank you for this incredible experience and all your wisdom. Deputy Secretary General Stephen Lee, Martin, Julie, Eric, Anita; thank you kindly for everything you have done. You’ve given us the tools, the knowledge, and the inspiration to go back to our countries and make a difference in agriculture. You endured all our challenges, with some of us consistently running late (you know who you are guys) and others repeatedly missing messages, yet you handled it all with a cheerful demeanour. And, you’ve given us a few extra pounds to carry as a reminder of the unforgettable time we had here!


Let us continue to collaborate, learn, and grow as we work together to bring the benefits of Agritechnology to our communities, just as Taiwan has done. Thank you once again for everything, and may our journey ahead be as exciting as the one we’ve just completed here in Taiwan.


Thank you, and let’s continue to make our world a greener and more technologically advanced place!

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