Macro & Resource Economic Reports

Africa Agenda

Africa Free Trade Area inplications for Agriculture in RSA, 2021
Macroeconomic report on the Africa Agenda, 2019


Opportunities for WC Agriprocessing, 2020
Agriprocessing Global Markets Performance, 2017
Agriprocessing Report, 2015

Agricultural Economic Quarterly Reviews

Agricultural Economic Review, Q1 2020
Agricultural Economic Review, Q2 2020
Agricultural Economic Review, Q3 2020
Agricultural Economic Review, Q4 2020

Carbon Footprint and the Carbon Tax

The real cost of a Carbon Tax, 2014
Impact of Carbon Tax on Agriprocessing, 2016
Review of the Second Draft Carbon Tax Bill, 2018
Carbon Footprint Project Report, 2020
Carbon Footprint of reaserch farms, 2019 - 2020


COVID-19 & the Supply of Key WC Agri Inputs, 2020
COVID-19 & WC Agritourism, 2020
COVID-19 in the Garden Route, 2020
COVID-19 Rapid Socioeconomic Impact Study, 2020

Drought & Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters Impact Assessment, 2017
WC Agriculture Drought Policy Brief, 2017
Lower Olifants River Drought Assessment, 2018
Agricultural Insurance Report [2020]


Agri Employment after the Global Recession, 2014
Employment Trends in WC Agriculture, 2016

Industry Studies

Mohair Industry Risk of Market Closure, 2018
Ostrich Industry Footprint, 2020
Rooibos Tea in the Overberg, 2020
Abalone and Agritourism Opportunities, 2021

Market Intelligence Reports

Blueberries - MIR 2017
Lemons - MIR 2017
Dried Grapes - MIR 2018
Avocados - MIR 2019
Raspberries - MIR 2019
Macadamias - MIR 2021

Miscellaneous Studies

Air transport for Perishable Products, 2015
Alternative Crops in the WC, 2017
HP Avian Influenza Impact Assessment, 2017
E-commerce Markets, 2020

Regional Development Reports

Oudtshoorn Municipality Overview, 2015
Garden Route Air Transport Opportunities, 2019
Swellendam Municipality Overview, 2019
City of Cape Town Overview, 2020
Klein Karoo and Surrounds, 2020

Resource Economics

Market Demand for Solar PV, 2015
Berg River Green Economy Investment Project, 2017
Rainwater Harvesting in Agriculture, 2017
Agritourism Routes for Sustainabilty, 2018
Agritourism to Protect Natual Capital, 2018
Recycling of Departmental Research Farms, 2018

Trade-related Studies

Wheat Trade Opportunities, 2020
Citrus Trade with China, 2018
BREXIT and SA Agriculture, 2017
AGOA and SA Agriculture, 2016
New Trade Opportunities for Exports to Indonesia, 2016
Citrus Black Spot Market Risk, 2013 (BFAP)

Western Cape Agriculture Sector Profile

WC Agriculture Sector Profile, 2022

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