Directorate: Plant Sciences

The Directorate: Plant Sciences focuses on the areas of sustainable agronomic, vegetable, rangeland and pasture production systems, alternative crops, crop protection in the areas of weed science, plant pathology and entomology, as well as soil studies.

Did you know that the Directorate: Plant Sciences?

  • Conducts research on Conservation Agriculture in grain systems, potato production systems, as well as pasture systems for dairy.
  • Has the only dairy pasture research group in South Africa linking biological soil management with pasture management and milk production, quality and ultimately gross margins for producers.
  • Is pioneering soil biological research in pastures in the Southern Cape.
  • Conducts research programmes on natural pastures and veld management, production of indigenous seed for arid areas, weed science, entomology, plant pathology, cultivar evaluation, vegetables and alternative crops.
  • Has a diagnostic service for plant diseases.
  • Executes research at Nortier, Langgewens, Worcester, Elsenburg, Tygerhoek and Outeniqua Research Farms.
  • Has glass houses, laboratories, two indigenous seed production units at Worcester and near Lamberts Bay, implements and equipment for field trials.
  • Executes large research trials on privately owned farms in the Southern Cape, which are now research hubs for the Western Cape in the field of grain production systems.
  • Collaborates with various tertiary institutions in the Western Cape and other provinces, the ARC and various industry organisations.
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Information at a glance – please contact:
Annelene Swanepoel 
Tel: 021 808 5320
Fax:  021 808 5331

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