Directorate: Animal Sciences

The Directorate: Animal Sciences conducts research on aspects of herd management, breeding, nutrition and welfare of dairy cattle, sheep, ostriches, and, to a lesser extent, aquaculture. The main focus of the research programme is to improve production efficiency, which contributes to the increase of nett profit and in turn, the assurance of food security. The transfer of technology information to stakeholders forms an integral part of the research programme and new information from research efforts are published in both scientific and popular formats. This expertise is also transferred directly to farmers and relevant industries via advice and talks provided by the research scientists at the Directorate. Extensive research facilities includes a feeds laboratory, whilst the Directorate maintains eleven herds and flocks of national importance, which are crucial in the research effort.

Did you know that the Directorate: Animal Sciences?

  • Conducts research in the programmes of feeding, breeding/genomics and management of dairy cattle, sheep, ostriches and aquaculture.
  • Focuses its research on improving efficiency of production under a variety of environments.
  • Has a world-renowned ostrich research team and facilities.
  • Has two dairy research facilities at Outeniqua and Elsenburg.
  • Executes projects at Nortier, Langgewens, Elsenburg, Tygerhoek, Oudsthoorn and Outeniqua and on various farms of producers.
  • Collaborates with various tertiary institutions locally, nationally and internationally on various research programmes and projects.

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Information at a glance – please contact:
Dr C de Brouwer 
Tel: 021 808 5220
Fax:  021 808 5407

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