Acknowledging and Celebrating Agri Workers for Their Role in Ensuring a Sustainable Food Supply: Introduction to WCPAA 2020

The Western Cape Prestige Agri Awards (WCPAA) is hosted annually by the the Western Cape Department of Agriculture (WCDoA), as a means of acknowledging the valuable and important contribution that agri workers make to the sustainability and growth of the agricultural sector in the Western Cape.

The WCPAA was initiated in 2002 by Ms Elza Jordaan and the Hex River Valley Table Grape Association whereby agri workers from 16 regions in the Province can participate in 11 categories in terms of their job descriptions. Since the inception of the project a total of 13 427 agri workers across the province have participated.

This year however, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic and its strict regulations, the format of these awards had to be done in a different format to celebrate the critical role of the agri workers in the value -chain to ensure  a sustainable food production supply and thus a more  food secure  environment.  In order to continue providing acknowledgement, recognition and celebration of the agri workers (essential workers), a call has gone to the 16 regions in the province, asking agri workers to share their stories and photos of their highlights, experiences and challenges during this time of COVID-19.  These memorable moments are then published in a series of articles in the local newspapers in the respective regions as an Acknowledgement and Celebration of of our agri workers in province

Be on the look out for these wonderful agri-stories and photos. Click here for the publication dates in the local newspapers.

“Agri workers guarantee our food security, I salute them for their continued labour of love, Agriculture is safe!” , as quoted by the Head of Department,  Dr. Mogale Sebopetsa

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Western Cape Prestige Agri Awards Editorials 2020