Western Cape Agriculture tables a budget of R969.2 Million for 22/23


Yesterday I tabled a budget of R969.2 million. I confirmed that the Western Cape will not be returning to our pre-covid days and that we will continue to lead the economic recovery of the Western Cape, create jobs and push forward.

The budget of R969.218 million for 2022/2023 includes earmarked allocations for:

  • Ecological Infrastructure – R37 million
  • River Protection Works (Keurboom River, Jan du Toits River, Upper Hex River) R18.5 million and
  • Provincial Disaster Relief Grant (Provision and distribution of livestock feed) R48.1 million.

In support of the Western Cape Government’s strategic focus on  jobs, safety and wellness and dignity, I made the following key announcements:

  • The Department is in the process of developing a Western Cape African Agricultural Strategy. This strategy will guide the approach to the African Market anchored by the African Continental Free Trade Area Agreement.
  • The Provincial Veterinary Laboratory is to be upgraded. Doing so will strengthen support for our clients and improve market access.
  • The Department will extend its MOU with commodity organizations. This will bolster the Department’s commodity approach strategy for farmer development in the Western Cape
  • The Western Cape Cannabis Plan (CanPlan), will  be finalized in 2022, will provide focus interventions and support to cannabis producers in the Western Cape.
  • Alien clearing – 20 000 ha will be cleared, leading to the creation of 800 green jobs.
  • The Department will host the Youth and Young Research Climate Change and Agriculture Convention in June 2022 and a multi-stakeholder drought and disaster dialogue in October 2022.
  • Further rollout of substance abuse awareness and prevention sessions focussing on agri worker labour rights and rural youth.

The following budget allocations back the above key announcements:

  • 4 million provides agricultural engineering support, promotes sustainable use and management, and reduces agricultural disaster risk.   A further R37 million is earmarked for river protection works at the Keurbomen, Jan Du Toit and Upper Hex Rivers. R48,1 million in fodder support will also be available.
  • 7 million is allocated to producer support services, extension advisory and services, food security and Casidra Soc Ltd. The goal is to improve efficiency through diversification, partnerships, and more effective production systems, ultimately leading to an increase in the standard of living. A further  R10.2 million is set aside for agri-worker development and the further rollout of substance abuse awareness and prevention sessions focussing on agri worker labour rights and rural youth.
  • 3 million is set aside to provide animal health services, veterinary international trade facilitation and veterinary diagnostic services. As a result, the Provincial Veterinary Laboratory will be upgraded. Doing so will strengthen support for our clients and improve market access, grow the economy and create jobs.
  • R41 million for production economics and marketing support to agri-businesses. The aim is to increase the number of well-trained and equipped commercial and smallholder farmers through strengthening partnerships with the private sector to unlock market access and create value-adding opportunities.
  • 6 million is set aside to conduct agricultural research and technology development and increase farmers’ mitigation and adaptation options against climate change.
  • 6 million is set aside for agricultural skills development and higher education and training to develop the requisite skills, knowledge and experience to secure the future of agriculture.
  • Agriculture, which expanded by 8.3%, was the second-fastest-growing sector behind mining (11.8%) in 2021.

As highlighted by the Bureau for Agricultural Policy (BFAP), this growth in agriculture is more impressive because it follows a 13.4% expansion in 2020, making agriculture the most robust performing sector in South Africa since COVID-19.

Therefore, I do not doubt that Agriculture will be pushing forward with this budget to create wealth and ensure food security in the Western Cape.


Media Enquiries

Daniel Johnson

Spokesperson for Minister Ivan Meyer

Tel: 079 990 4231

Email: Daniel.Johnson@westerncape.gov.za


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