Based on the high rate of unemployment amongst our youth within the rural areas and the reluctance of youth to follow careers in agriculture, this project was implemented. As the agricultural sector needs to undergo major changes in transforming itself, it is necessary to bring previously disadvantaged skilled individuals into the agricultural labour market.

This project specifically focuses on rural youth and children of farm workers. It offers bursaries/scholarships, internship, learnerships, a bridging course for mathematics and science learners and a summer/winter school at the Elsenburg College.

Internship  Programme

The Interns appointed on the project will be placed with External Host Employers who have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Department of Agriculture. All APFRYD Interns will undergo a three day orientation programme at Elsenburg. Mentors will receive training annually. Application process is the same as outlined for External Development Initiatives; however this project only offers Grade 12 (matriculants)  Internship.

Grade 12 (Matriculants) Internship

This refers to persons who have completed and passed Grade 12, unemployed, needing exposure to opportunities and careers in Agriculture.

Duration of an Internship

The duration of an Internship is 12 months.


  • Interns will be place with an External Host Employer
  • Interns are placed under the supervision of an experienced mentor
  • Interns are subjected to signing an Internship Contract.
  • Interns are expected to submit quarterly reports on progress.
  • The mentor and the intern agree on the learning objectives
  • Interns are expected to enter into a Performance Agreement(Job Profile)

Additional criteria to be considered for acceptance to the (APFRYD) project you must be:

  • Unemployed youth from the rural area of the Western Cape
  • A child of a farm worker
  • Must have passed Grade 12

Bursary/Scholarship   Programme

The bursary/scholarship programme for APFRYD project is the same as for the External Development Initiatives mentioned above and carries the same requirements for consideration.

Learnership Programme

As part of the APFRYD Project, 10 Learners will be funded annually to attend a Learnership offered by the Elsenburg Agricultural College.


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