Western Cape Department of Agriculture Researcher Profile
Job Title Researcher

M.Sc.Agric in Animal Nutrition (Mono-gastric) 

Research Focus

I did my M.Sc. Agric in Animal Nutrition at the University of Stellenbosch with the help of the Western Cape Agricultural Research Trust in 2010. I did my Masters on the effect of different levels of supplementary feeding on the production of finisher ostriches grazing lucerne pastures. Prof T.S. Brand was my mentor and so I did most of my studies with the ostriches at Kromme Rhee. After completing my Masters study, I was employed by Farmer Support and Development as an agricultural advisor in the Oudtshoorn area where I mostly worked on the nutrition of pigs with the small farmers in the Eden district. After 8 months in Oudtshoorn I got transferred to the Wellington office of Farmer Support and Development. Here I gained experience in different kinds of farming, including pigs, broilers, honey bees, growing of vegetables and herbs, beef cattle and sheep farming in the Ceres Karoo area. In May 2015 I got a promotion to the Research and Technology Development Services division at Elsenburg. I was appointed as a researcher and will be focusing on dairy cattle, especially dairy cattle nutrition and silage. I am also responsible for the overall management of the Elsenburg Dairy Herd.

Research Location Elsenburg
  • Muller, C.J.C. (compiler), Meeske, R., Burger, M., Scholtz, A.J., van der Colf, J., Labuschagne, J., Lombard, P. et al. (2017)The Dairy Farming Handbook. Western Cape Department of Agriculture.