Western Cape Department of Agriculture Researcher Profile
Job Title Research scientist

BSc (Molecular & Cellular Biology) –Dec.2006

BSc Hons (Genetics) –Dec.2007

MSc (Genetics) –Dec.2010

PhD (Genetics) –March 2015

(All from Stellenbosch University)

Research Focus

Dr Sandenbergh was appointed as a Research Scientist at the Directorate Animal Sciences within the larger Research & Technology Development Services Programme of the Western Cape Department of Agriculture during 2014. The main focus of her work is the acquisition and analyses of genomic data from South African sheep. This information can be utilised to improve the efficiency of local sheep farming and maintain the genetic integrity of South African sheep breeds. As part of this endeavour, Dr Sandenbergh routinely collects and processes DNA samples from institutional and industry flocks for the Elsenburg Biobank database. The availability of phenotypic data is integral in understanding the variation seen in genomic data and therefore Dr Sandenbergh works closely with her colleagues tasked with collecting and analysing recorded data. Dr Sandenbergh is also involved with projects utilising DNA sequencing and molecular marker genotyping to investigate the inheritance of pigmentation in wool sheep, and determine the genetic similarity of livestock populations.

Research Location Elsenburg, Tygerhoek, Langgewens, Nortier Research farm.