Sub-division: Market information

Market information entails information that is up-to-date and current which enables the farming community to negotiate with marketers and secondary value-chain participants from a greater position of strength (FAO, 2018). In addition, well-analysed historical market information also supports farmers with farm planning such as to align production decision making (i.e. supply-side) with market demand patterns (i.e. quantity (-ies), quality, price and time produce is demand) (FAO, 2018).

Market information process

Generally, the market information process involves the collection of agricultural information, based on market prices (i.e. spot or futures market), quantities supplied to the market contrasted with quantities sold as well as another market-related information on a wide range pertaining to agricultural products. The information is sourced from different marketing channels and through an array of reputable information sources. Once the information is collated, it is analysed and packaged in a user-friendly format before it is disseminated through various communication channels to farmers, marketers, government officials as well as other interested parties ( FAO working definition – adapted, 2018).

The service offerings of the sub-division entails the following;

  • Perform scientific research with particular focus on product and market requirements,
  • Conduct market analysis, opportunity scanning, collate and dissemination of market information.
  • Analyse and disseminate monthly price information.
  • Analyse and disseminate agricultural value-chain information.
  • Develop and update of country and/or product profiles.
  • Respond timeously to client enquiries relating to agricultural marketing information.

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