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I welcome the news today that regulations have been amended to allow for the export of wines from South Africa. 

During the lockdown period, the following is now permitted:

  • The transportation of wines and any other fresh produce products at seaports and international airports designated as Ports of Entry for export and
  • Agricultural cargo can be transported to seaports and international airports designated as Ports of Entry and exported to the relevant destination.

The top export products from the Western Cape in 2017 included citrus fruit, wines, grapes, fresh apples, pears and quinces.

The wine industry is also an important contributor to the agricultural economy in our province and a major creator of jobs in the Western Cape.

More than 90% of wine cellars in SA are based in the Western Cape with 50 percent of all wine products being exported from the Western Cape and we want to see this grow.

Market access for our agricultural products is a key strategic objective of the Western Cape Government.

I am looking forward to working with the relevant commodity partners to grow our export markets.

It is my mission to protect our agriculture sector well beyond COVID-19 and the lockdown period and we will do whatever we need to protect a key and critical sector of the Western Cape economy.

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