As the province works to grow its Halal industry, the Western Cape has established a formal body to consult and share information with interested parties.

Alan Winde, Minister of the Economic Opportunities, said the Halal Consultative Forum would ensure that the province’s Muslim community was involved in the strategy to boost the Halal industry.

The Forum was formally established this month, with 48 attendees from various Halal certification bodies, academics, individuals, NGOs, youth groups, businesses and business entities as well as government departments and agencies.

The attendees included individuals from the following organisations:

  • Gift of the givers Cape Office
  • Hospital and Muslim Welfare Education Trust
  • Islamic Council of South Africa (ICSA)
  • Islamic Fashion And Design Council of SA
  • Islamic Medical Association of SA
  • Islamic Peace College of SA (IPSA)
  • Islamic Relief Cape Office
  • Inter-Muslim Community Forum
  • Madinah Institute
  • Muslim Youth Movement Western Cape
  • Mustadafin Foundation
  • National Independent Halaal Trust
  • Shurah Assistance and Relief Trust
  • Somali Business Community Council
  • South African National Halaal Authority
  • University of Stellenbosch

Various other individuals from the Muslim Community also form part of the forum.

Minister Winde said: “As part of our Project Khulisa strategy, we have set ourselves the target of adding up to 100 000 jobs to the agri processing sector. Our data shows that by maximising our reach into the growing global Halal market, which is worth in excess of $1.2 trillion, Western Cape Halal industry businesses could create 32 000 jobs. A key part of this strategy is developing the capacity of emerging local entrepreneurs to benefit from this growth.”

Minister Winde said it was critical that the Muslim community was actively involved in this effort.

“Halal is one of the most important principles of Islam, and its significance must be respected. The Forum will serve as a platform for consultation and discussion with the Muslim community.”

The forum will meet on a quarterly basis.

Minister Winde said the strategy to grow the Western Cape’s Halal industry is being driven by the provincial Departments of Agriculture and Economic Development and Tourism, in collaboration with the private sector.

“Together with stakeholders in the halal industry, we have also completed a Halal Value Chain Analysis, from which we identified a set of strategic support areas to advise the sector on opportunities for growth and job creation.

“To ensure that local suppliers are able to benefit from the projected growth of the Halal industry, we are also completing a supplier development strategy aimed at equipping small businesses with the tools they need to thrive. Once we have completed this, we will implement it in 30 local businesses from across the province to grow their enterprises."

In the coming year, Wesgro will also conduct a Western Cape Halal Products Export Promotion drive in key markets.

For more information on the forum, kindly contact Shu’ayb Patel of the Western Cape Department of Agriculture, on 082 570 0910.

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