The Western Cape Department of Agriculture is assessing damages to the agriculture sector caused by the recent fires in the Southern Cape.

In a move to mitigate the economic impact of the fires on agriculture, R5.5 million has been allocated by the Western Cape Government to the sector, which will be used primarily to rebuild lost infrastructure, and for animal feed.

Alan Winde, Minister of Economic Opportunities, explained: “We have a team on the ground in the Eden District, going from farm-to-farm to assess damage due to fire. Our officials are working with municipalities, national government departments and organised agriculture, to ensure a comprehensive analysis and response plan. A key challenge is around sourcing fodder as a replacement due to burnt out grazing land. Due to the drought, there is currently a shortage of animal feed in the province. We are in the process of sourcing feed from other provinces.

“My key concern is that we limit the economic impact of the fires on important sectors like agriculture. The drought is already placing strain on this sector; we cannot afford to lose more jobs. Farmers and people working in agriculture can contact our team in the Eden District to register damage, and the need for an assessment to be completed.”

Please see attached contact details of the Department’s team in the Eden District.

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