Drought Toolkit

The drought toolkit is a combination of portals.


Your guide to smart irrigation. FruitLook provides satellite imagery to local farmers to increase productivity.


Climate Change Response Plan > The Smart Agriculture for Climate Resilience (SmartAgri) project is aimed at creating sustainable climate-smart responses for increased resilience in agriculture.


Find a summary on climatic and agricultural conditions for the Western Cape in the form of monthly reports. Each report consists of information on rainfall, temperature, dam levels, plant growth conditions and climatic forecasts for a particular monthly period.

Western Cape dam levels

Click here to get weekly updates on dam levels in the Western Cape.

Watervoogdyskap:So boer jy vooruit

Hierdie dokument is ’n opsomming van aanbiedings en besprekings op die WWF-SA se inligtingsessie oor waterbesparing wat einde 2017 op die Graham Beck-landgoed (naby Robertson) gehou is. Dit is gerig op produsente wat belang stel in die bestuur van risiko’s wat met waterskaarste verband hou, asook hoe om vooruit te boer deur middel van goeie boerderypraktyke en rentmeesterskap. WWF-SA werk nou saam met ’n aantal vennote gemoeid met watervoogdyskap en om grondbestuur te verbeter. Dit sluit in Landcare, Livinglands en CapeNature.

Drought facts Sheet

This Drought Fact Sheet presents key data and analysis on the current multi-year (2015- 2017) drought in the Western Cape Province, and its impacts on the agricultural sector. It also deals with actions taken and planned by government institutions and the sector to deal with the crisis. Apart from the climate change projection figures, all the figures presented in this Fact Sheet are updated on a monthly basis and the drought can thus be tracked monthly until the crisis has been relieved.

Borehole Application
The Borehole Development Application  Form is now available for download.  
Provide details and supporting documentation as comprehensively as possible.
We support businesses and investors in the green economy to remove barriers to establishment and growth. 
We also support local, provincial and national government to build a resilient green economy.
2018 Market Intelligence Report

GreenCape recently launched the 2018 Water Sector Market Intelligence Report (MIR), focusing on a number of notable opportunities for investors and businesses in the water sector.
The current drought and the expected longer term water constraints in the region are key drivers for investment in this sector. The demand for technologies and services that enable resilience to water scarcity has substantially increased across all urban markets, and new investment opportunities have opened up in four key areas: ■ water metering and monitoring ■ water efficiency ■ water reuse ■ alternative water supply.

Winetech’s core objectives are to:
– Identify, prioritise, commission, complete and transfer research, development and innovation projects/initiatives that will directly contribute to strengthening the profitability and competitiveness of the wine industry in the local and international markets.  
– Coordinate the Wine Industry Learning and Development Strategy.

Although recent rains and heavy snowfall have brought relief, the impact of the severe drought in the Western Cape is far from over. The agricultural sector remains particularly vulnerable to water risks and a changing climate. This document talks about how to build resilience in agriculture and looks at some adaptation responses and lessons learnt that may help the province in a future of increasing water scarcity.

Humanity has become intellectually despondent. Our minds are over-saturated with fast information, but is that what we need? When we set out to create the Fresh Quarterly, we aimed to create a magazine that busy growers wouldn’t mind taking the time to read. Read and download the latest issue here: Fresh Quarterly – September 2018