The FruitLook 2018-19 season is here! The Western Cape Department of Agriculture continues funding FruitLook to aid farmers in their water and production management via intelligent satellite data products. This means farmers can benefit once again from FruitLook at no cost!

FruitLook uses the latest satellite-based technology to assist producers to precisely monitor and manage crop production and water use. FruitLook provides crop growth and actual water use information, shows how efficient the water use is and whether any plant stress (ET deficit) occurred. Feedback from producers indicate that FruitLook is an extremely valuable tool to provide an overview of the crop water use and requirements . In a at block or field levelquestionnaire from early 2018, 71 of the 100 respondents indicated that using FruitLook improved their water management.

During 2017-18 FruitLook supported 776 users on 16 507 blocks and 53 049 hectares. The extent and impact of FruitLook is unique worldwide. FruitLook provides information for all major production areas in the Western Cape. From Vredendal to Hermanus and Stellenbosch to Langkloof.

What is new in 2018-19? During the 2018-19 season, FruitLook will provide data for a full 12-month period on a weekly basis, from August 2018 to July 2019. With this change, FruitLook now supports all agricultural industries of the Western Cape!

Substantial rainfall during the past winter in many regions resulted in a large improvement in the dam levels and water storage conditions. But, the efficient use of water will remain a vital component of sustainable and responsible (irrigated) farming in the Western Cape this year. FruitLook, along with various other tools, will once again prove to be a powerful instrument to help farmers optimize water use and general farming efficiency. Now and in the future!

Want to learn more? Hands-on training on FruitLook is recommended for optimal use of this program. Training sessions are presented bi-weekly at Elsenburg, while regional training sessions are presented upon request. During these training sessions, users have the opportunity to look at a known field through the FruitLook “lens” and get a better understanding of what is “visible” through FruitLook. FruitLook TechCoaches are based in the Western Cape and available for general queries, on-farm assistance or any clarification on the service.

You can contact FruitLook via or + 27 (0)74 322 6574. The FruitLook website can be visited via