Standard Bank is one of the leading commercial banks in South Africa. The bank is most certainly also contributing to the development taking place in the agricultural sector. Standard Bank is committed to the sector and has been providing a range of specialised financial services and products for over 140 years. Due to the nature of the agricultural sector which is characterised by strong cyclical trends, Standard Bank is offering a comprehensive range of financial, investment and risk management solutions across a diverse range of agribusiness products and commodities. Standard Bank is able to develop a holistic approach, by building a thoughtful affiliation and serving with sector value chain participants. 

Financial products and services

Short terms loans 

  • Cheque accounts and overdraft facilities
    • Tailor-made, flexible solutions are available to take care of the farmer’s daily financial needs. Farmers can ensure that their working capital is accessible in an easy and convenient manner.
  • Business Revolving Credit Plan (BRCP)
    • This solution provides farmers with a regular line of credit that is separately operated from their cheque accounts. A business revolving credit plan could be used for financing intermediate assets (physical or biological assets), recurring expenditure or to expand your business. The maximum amount that can be taken is R10 million.
  • Agricultural production loan
    • This option enables the farmer to compensate for agricultural input costs for a period of up one year 6 months. Input costs qualify for crop production inputs and livestock production inputs. This loan must be paid back in full at the end of each season – and at the latest a year after it was taken up. The loan limit depends on the costs involved in the production process.
    • Debtor finance
    • This type of finance enables businesses to improve cash flow by freeing up funds that are owed to them for work done, products sold, or services rendered. It is a flexible financing option that creates working capital by converting unpaid sales invoices into cash, thus giving your agribusiness access to finance that is directly linked to your turnover.

Medium loans

  • Fixed-term business term loans 
    • This option is applicable to finance moveable assets and fixed property for a period of up to 10 years. 

Medium-term loans

  • This option is applicable to finance farm-related assets with an extended economical lifespan. 

Long term loans

  • Agribusiness mortgage loan
    • This option is applicable to purchase or develop the fixed property. In this regard, Standard Bank will offer an agricultural mortgage loan using a mortgage bond over a form of property as collateral. 
  • Flexi reserve facility on mortgage loans 
    • This option is available on the application of the farmer and enables the farmer to deposit surplus funds into the mortgage loan account and to withdraw these funds when required.
  • Vehicle and asset finance 
    • This option is available on the application of farmers to acquire fixed assets according to their economic life span.  
  • Agricultural Black Economic Empowerment (AgriBEE)
    • The product finance is directed to Black Small and Medium Enterprises (BSME) individuals to produce goods for local and international markets by providing short, medium, and long term loans.

Potential beneficiaries

These loans are applicable to all the participants in the agricultural value chain, from producers to distributors.

Application requirements

Financial assistance is dependent on individual merit and different indicators, such as the financial performance and position of the business, the repayment ability, and level of risk and the level of collateral.

Application process

An applicant can visit the nearest Standard Bank branch where an agricultural executive or advisor will assist with applying for your product of choice or apply online on the Standard Bank website.

Funding threshold

Solutions are tailor-made to specifically meet the individual needs of clients.

Contact details

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Provincial   7th Floor, Intercare Health Centre
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Provincial Agricultural Manager
Tel: 021 970 4261 
Paarl  2nd Floor
Standard Bank
45 Lady Grey Street
Agricultural Advisor
Tel: 021 872 0615 
Worcester 36 Adderley Street
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