NATIONAL YOUTH DEVELOPMENT AGENCY                                                         

The National Youth Development Agency commonly known as NYDA was launched in 2009 as a result of the merger of the National Youth Commission and Umsobomvu Youth Fund. NYDA’s mandate is to create and promote coordination in youth developmental issues and is created to tackle challenges that are facing the country’s youth. 

NYDA’S grant programme

The grant programme is designed to provide the youth (young entrepreneurs) with an opportunity to have access to financial and non-financial business development support, for youth to grow their businesses. This programme focuses on youth entrepreneurs who just started and are not fully developed but show potential in the future. The NYDA also provides non-financial support to those applicants whose business ideas qualify for the grant programme. The non-financial support services include; mentorship, market linkages, entrepreneurship development programme, voucher programme and youth co-operative development programme. Grants will be issued to individuals, co-operatives and community development facilitation projects and it is compulsory for successful applicants to participate in the non-financial programme for a minimum of two years.

NYDA provides grants from R1 000.00 to R200 000.00 depending on the developmental stage of the business. For agriculture and technology-related projects, the maximum threshold is R250 000. There are four (4) thresholds under which grant is offered: 

Grant funding thresholds

Threshold 1: Survivalist businesses

  • Grant is from R1, 000.00 – R10, 000.00.
  • These businesses should have a complete application form.
  • A business plan is not required.
  • Business experience is not required.
  • Un-registered businesses can apply.
  • A viable business idea must be presented.
  • Bank account and proof of supplier banking details are required.

Threshold 2: Startup businesses

  • Grant is from R10, 001.00 – R50, 000.00.
  • Must submit a business plan.
  • The business must be registered.
  • Bank account and proof of supplier banking details are required.
  • Skills necessary to operate the business are required.
  • The business must create or sustain at least 1 additional job, excluding the owner.

Threshold 3 and 4: Growth businesses

  • Grant is from R50 000.01 to R100 000.00 for threshold 3 and R100 001 – R200 000 for threshold 4.
  • Must have a business plan.
  • Must be tax compliant.
  • Must provide management account.
  • Bank account and proof of supplier banking details are required.
  • The business must create or sustain at least 2 jobs, excluding the owner.

Potential beneficiaries

  • Individuals
    • Formal and informal businesses grants will be issued to individuals who are at the promising and start- stage.
  • Co-operatives
    • Which are autonomous associations of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic and social needs and aspirations through a jointly-owned and democratically-controlled enterprise organised & operated on co-operative principles.
  • Community development facilitation projects
    • The NYDA will also facilitate a process of community development through identifying projects that will be funded through NYDA funds and/or funds sourced from partners.

Financial services

  • Working capital.
  • Asset finance.
  • Stock purchases.

Application process:

  •  Pre-assessment:
    • NYDA aspiring applicants will be requested to complete pre-assessment. The purpose of pre-assessment is to evaluate the business concept/idea and the stage of the business in terms of performance, business skills of the owner and employees. 
    • Assess the feasibility and sustainability of the concept and determine if the aspiring applicant meets NYDA’s qualifying criteria.

NB: A credit check will be conducted on all applicants.

  • Entrepreneurship development program EDP Training:
    • Entrepreneurship development program (EDP) is a program designed to train and inculcate the spirit of entrepreneurship and business development in young people.   After the training, if the applicant still qualifies in terms of NYDA qualifying criteria, the aspiring applicant will be requested to collect documents to submit attached with the grant application.  

NB:    If your business has been operational/trading for more than 6 months, you may choose not to attend the training.

Funding criteria

  • South African citizens and are resident within the borders of South Africa
  • Applicant/s should be involved in the day-to-day operation and management of the business
  • Applicants are between the ages of 18 – 35 years with skills and experience for the enterprise/s they conduct or intend to conduct

Require the grant for business start-up or growth

  • Operate their business formally or informally
  • Have a profit motive and are commercially viable and are sustainable
  • Members of entities comprise 100% South African citizens (youth)
  • The minimum number of persons for cooperatives are 5 persons
  • Full time employed applicants should resign upon approval of the grant, and provide proof of resignation to the grant officer
  • Proof of attending a business management training course.

Contact details

Location Physical address Contact number
Cape Town 18a Piazza, Golden Acres, Adderley street   Tel: 087 158 7701/0800 52 52 52









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