KAAP AGRI (PTY) LTD         

Kaap-Agri (Pty) Ltd is a private company, which operates mainly in the agricultural sector. Its headquarters are located in Malmesbury, situated in the Swartland area. The core of Kaap-Agri’s business operations is to provide a wide range of agricultural production inputs and agricultural-related services to its agricultural clientele. As a subsequent service offering, the company offers financial solutions to ensure that the financial and technical challenges of farmers are addressed. It is important to emphasise that Kaap-Agri is not purely a financial service provider. The additional services top up the added value that the company is offering its clients, due to the increasing demand for such product offerings in the agricultural sector.  

Financial products and services

  • General credit finance 
    • This option is a current account, which is financed with a period of up to 30 days. This account is strictly payable within 30 days of the date of the statement.
  • Production credit
    • This credit facility extends finance for up to a maximum period of 12 months and can be utilised to purchase agricultural production inputs. 
  • 48-hour grain trading credit
    • Utilised for handling grain sales, and is payable within 48 hours after the date of invoice.
  • Agriculture establishment credit
    • The credit covers input costs for purchases from Kaap-Agribusiness units. The repayment period is 12 to 60 months.

Application requirements

Financial assistance is dependent on individual merit and different indicators, such as the financial performance and position of the business, the repayment ability, and level of risk and the level of collateral. 

Potential beneficiaries

Kaap-Agri’s major clients are mainly agricultural producers, although creditworthy agricultural value-chain participants are encouraged to apply for financial services and products.

Application process

An applicant can visit the nearest Kaap-Agri branch or regional financing services office to obtain an application form

Funding threshold

Kaap-Agri finance solutions are tailor-made to specifically meet the individual needs of clients.

Contact details

Location Physical address  Contact number 
Malmesbury 65 Voortrekker Road, Malmesbury, 7300 Tel: 022 482 8000 









Alternatively you can visit: www.kaapagri.co.za