Hortfin is a ring-fenced loan facility directed at the deciduous fruit industry value chain. It aims to provide innovative and comprehensive financing and support systems in a manner that promotes job creation, transformation and sustainability.

Products financed

  • Orchard establishment.
  • Production finance/working capital.
  • Equipment and movable assets.
  • Infrastructure.
  • Equity investment to increase black ownership is linked to expansion.

Eligibility criteria

  • The application must relate to the deciduous fruit value chain within the pome, stone, table and wine grapes industries.
  • Be able to create sustainable permanent and seasonal jobs within the 3 year implementation period at an approximate cost of R300 000 per job.
  • Be at least 51% black-owned or reach 51% black ownership within 3 years.
  • Must be a “juristic person” in the form of a company, trust or cooperative. 
  • The business must have the ability to meet the repayment obligations.
  • Must consent to appropriate post-investment support, which includes mentoring, capacity building, reporting, implementation of financial and admin systems and regular monitoring and evaluation audits.

Loan specifications

  • The loan size varies from R2.5 million to R35 million.
  • Interest rates in the range of prime less 2% to prime plus 1% depending on the risk profile.

Contact details

Location Physical address Contact number
Paarl Postal address:
258 Main road
Tel: 021 870 2900
Email: babalwa@hortfin.com










Alternatively, you can visit: www.hortfin.com