COVID-19 vaccination information and resources:


Know the facts about the COVID-19 vaccine, and help stop the spread of misinformation, fear and fake news.

Let’s Talk: COVID-19 vaccine Western Cape

Health Experts encourages the safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Getting our vaccinators ready

Vaccinator training underway as the Western Cape prepares to roll out the vaccine.

Stay informed about the vaccines

COVID-19 has turned our worlds upside down, but we are all in this together.

Help saves lives and vaccinate

The COVID-19 the vaccine will help in beat the deadly Coronavirus.

Vaccines help your body fight deadly viruses

Nurse Leonie Muggels from Mitchells Plain Hospital encourages communities and colleagues to take the vaccines to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Karel Wildschut getting vaccinated abroad.

Karel Wildschut, originally from Macassar and now living in Cambridge, explains the process of getting vaccinated abroad.

Getting vaccinated to boost her immune system

Beaunez Coerecius is adament that she'll get her vaccination against Covid-19 to boost her immune system and protect herself and others against serious disease.

Get the vaccine to save lives

Sr Gaynor Pedro says that she became a nurse to save lives and by getting the vaccine we can all save lives


Asekhona protecting those close to her

Asekhona wants to protect not only herself but also those close to her.

Nosiphiwo Runeli, Kwanokuthula Community Day Centre

Nosiphiwo Runeli, a registry clerk at Kwanokuthula Community Day Centre, is getting the vaccine to protect herself and fellow frontline workers from COVID-19.

Sr Shiyamba cautions against fake news

Sr Shiyamba from Kleinvlei CDC is keen to get the vaccine. She cautions against fake news and misinformation on social media.

Vaccinations saves lives

Sr Bulela Toto is looking forward to receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

Protecting ourselves & loved ones

Michael Arends believes getting the COVID-19 vaccination is the logical thing to do to protect ourselves, our friends, families and colleagues.