The Enablis Acceleration Fund is a partnership between Enablis Financial Corporation SA (Pty) Ltd and Khula Enterprise Finance Limited. It is currently capitalised at R50 million. The main objective of the fund is to improve access to SME early-stage funding while reaching out and supporting SME’s that are developing in remote or rural areas with a view to creating new sustainable jobs that alleviate poverty and reduce unemployment. This acceleration fund offers equity and debt instruments over loan periods no longer than 60 months.

Requirements in order to qualify for the fund:

South African SME’s that are accredited by the Enablis entrepreneurial network.

Black and women entrepreneurs for start-ups and the expansion of a business.

SME’s involved in all sectors, specifically ICT, transport, tourism, agriculture and services industry.

SME’s that need working capital and or asset finance.

How to apply for Enablis acceleration funding

To become a member and start on your journey with Enablis, visit the “Join Enablis” section at http://www.enablis.org/ and fill out the application form. The appropriate chapter manager will contact you.

Contact details

 Location Physical address Contact number
Cape Town Suite 202 Sir Lowry Studios, 95 Sir Lowry Road   Tel: 021 422 0690









Alternatively, you can visit: www.enablis.org