ABSA is one of the largest financial services providers operating in the South African money markets. The bank is a dedicated strategic and financial partner to the agricultural sector, and therefore it is pursuing a holistic approach to ensure that long term sustainability and optimised profitability is obtained in the agricultural sector. ABSA acknowledges the fact that agriculture is the main driving force for rural development and that the Southern African economy is largely dependent on the performance of the agricultural sector. Therefore, ABSA’s agricultural specialist specializes in financial planning and other wide-ranging financial products and services.  ABSA Bank has therefore partnered with the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development and Khula Enterprise Finance to accelerate the transformation process taking place in the sector. 

Financial products and services

Short terms loans 

  • Cheque accounts and overdraft facilities
    • Tailor-made, flexible solutions are available to take care of the farmer’s daily financial needs. The farmer can ensure that the working capital is accessible in an easy and convenient manner.
  • Credit line 
    • This solution provides farmers with a regular line of credit that is separately operated from their cheque accounts.
  • Production credit 
    • Production credit is offered to ensure that inputs can be acquired for crop production and livestock production.
  • Input cost insurance facility (ICIF)
    • This is an alternative option that also provides input cost to farmers, however, in this instance, the proceeds of the crop(s) are used as collateral. 
  • Complete physical solution 
    • This option is available for farmers exercising commodity trading on the SAFEX. In this case, ABSA will take ownership of the silo certificate and recognises 90% of the current SAFEX value as collateral. 
  • Warehouse receipt finance
    • This option allows ABSA to purchase the SAFEX traded commodity from the client and to sell it back at a later date.
  • ABSA Milldoor
    • This option is available to provide finance to the miller’s procurement position against the cession of the commodity trader’s forward sale agreement. 
  • Aircraft finance
    • It offers a credit facility to finance aircraft. The repayment period is between 6 months to 60 months.

Medium loans

  • Commercial Asset Finance (CAF)
    • This option provides the farmer with asset finance for all his extensive farming needs such as tractors, bakkies, centre pivots and any other moveable assets. Farmers are given different options which include instalment sales, rentals and leases. There is flexibility attached to loan repayment as it can either be monthly, quarterly or annually.
  • Marine finance 
    • It offers asset-based credit facilities to buy commercial boats registered within South Africa. Only vessels registered in the national vessel register can be bonded with the marine finance.

Long term loans

  • Agribusiness mortgage loan
    • This option is applicable to purchase or develop the fixed property. In this regard, ABSA will offer an agricultural mortgage loan using a mortgage bond over a form of property as collateral. The repayment period is 10 to 15 years. There is flexibility attached to loan repayment as it can either be monthly, quarterly or annually with an option to reduce instalments. There is also a Flexi reserve facility on mortgage loans which enables the farmer to deposit surplus funds to the mortgage loan account and to withdraw these funds when required.
  • Black-owned agriculture business loan
    • Lack-owned small, medium to large enterprises operating in South Africa can apply for Agriculture BEE finance of up to R15 million. With repayment periods of up to 10 years, this agriculture business loan targets growing businesses to provide a bespoke credit facility.
  • Business loan for women
    • This loan is designed to provide assistance to a new and existing woman-owned businesses. If their businesses have a revenue stream and positive cash flow but lack a deposit, collateral or security, they can qualify for a loan of up to R50 million.

Application requirements

Financial assistance is dependent on individual merit and different indicators such as the financial performance and position of the business, the repayment ability, level of risk and the level of collateral.

Application process

Please visit your nearest ABSA branch where an agricultural executive or advisor will assist with applying for your product of choice. 

Funding threshold

Financing solutions are tailor-made to specifically meet the individual needs of clients.

Contact details


Physical address

Contact number


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Alternatively you can visit: www.absa.co.za