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Research and Technology Development Services

The Programme, through its sub programmes: Research, Infrastructure Support Services and Information Services, renders a research, research support and information service to all stakeholders within the Province. In order to specifically support competitiveness and sustainable agriculture with cutting-edge technology, three centres of excellence, viz. Directorates of Animal Sciences, Plant Sciences and Resource Utilisation were established in 2004. Laboratory Services are also offered.

The sub programme Research executes its research mandate within three Directorates:

Research projects are executed within the six district municipalities. Research priorities are determined through active formal and informal engagements with industries, research peers and other relevant role players in agriculture.

Extensive research infrastructure (including research farms) and herds form part of the research effort. Centres of Excellence are operational at various research farms and brings the latest technology to farmers in that particular region.

Infrastructure Support Services

A pivotal support function to the research effort of the Department and its three research institutes from seven research farms, as well as support services to researchers internally, as well as to external partners (i.e. ARC). This sub programme is also responsible for infrastructure support of the Department, i.e. buildings and research farms.

Information Services

is responsible for converting research results, as outputs from 180 research projects, into client-focused, user-friendly products, including hard and electronic products.

The main objectives of the programme are:

Products and Services:

Information Days:

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