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This document was conceived and compiled by a diverse group of people in academia, conservation stewardship, LandCare and agriculture. It’s aim is to inform the facts, as they are presently known, about climate change and global warming as well as to offer some solutions to counter the effects.

We believe that land-owners and conservationists will find it extremely difficult to continue “doing what they do” without understanding that the playing fields have changed and will continue to change as the effects of climate change become more entrenched. In order to survive and continue to prosper will require a quantum shift in behaviour and thinking. We hope this document will supply some steps in that direction.

We are we targeting the following sectors:

In her keynote address at last month’s climate change seminar at Kirstenbosch, Minister Tasneem Essop highlighted the links between sustainable development, spatial development and provincial adaptation and mitigation response to climate change. Ms Shirley Moroka from the National Department of Environmental Affairs (DEAT) outlined the National Climate Change Response Strategy and indicated that a range of government departments were responsible for policy change and awareness raising about climate change, including Minerals and Energy, Water Affairs and Forestry, Agriculture, Transport, Education, Trade and Industry, Science and Technology, and Housing.

We note below several concerns raised by the ministers and delegates:

It was agreed that political leaders and the people of the Western Cape need to make a paradigm shift to long-term planning and integration.