Spatial Information & Mapping Services

The GIS unit started operating in 1986 and has since been performing a transversal role between sub-programmes to provide GIS support to clients and research partners. These collaborations are typified by either supplying base map information or through spatial extrapolation of research results

GIS Services are provided primarily to the Department of Agriculture and its stakeholders. External requests pertaining to agriculture in the province may be accommodated only if manpower permits. We operate on the latest ESRI ArcGIS suite with a wide variety of available extensions and analysis capabilities.


  • development and maintenance of the spatial agricultural database of the Western Cape
  • providing information on the natural and agricultural resources of the Province
  • spatial analysis
  • analysis of remote sensing data
  • research and development
  • data collection
  • data dissemination
  • map production


Chief GISc Professional

Name: Dr Mike Wallace

Tel:      021 808 5088


  • GIS-based research & spatial analysis
  • Climate change/crop modelling research project
  • Regional resource modelling & NDVI analysis
  • Regional Agricultural Information Project

GISc Systems Manager

Name: Francois Koegelenberg

Tel:      021 808 5493


  • GIS Support / Development
  • Spatial Data Management
  • Regional Agricultural Information

GISc Technologist

Name: F.C. Basson

Tel:      021 808 5416


  • Spatial Database Management
  • Spatial Analysis
  • Development of ArcGIS scripts and tools
  • Spatially-enabled Web development

GISc Technician

Name: Liezl MacKenzie

Tel:      021 808 5081


  • GIS support / ad-hoc queries
  • Regional data capture, updates and editing
  • Agritourism data capture and GIS support
  • Farm maps & field surveys

GISc Technician

Name: Ronelda Jacobs

Tel:      021 808 7608


  • Honeybush Tea project
  • Areawide planning GIS support
  • Farm maps & surveys
  • GIS support & ad-hoc queries

GIS Operator (Bredasdorp)

Name: Esther Wessels

Tel:      028 424 1430


  • GIS support, Overberg District

GIS Operator (Worcester)

Name: Wilanie de Villiers

Tel:      023 347 1003


  • GIS support, Cape Winelands District

Web Applications

CapeFarmMapper CapeFarmMapper

CapeFarmMapper is an online mapping tool designed to assist with spatial information queries and decision making in the fields of agriculture and environmental management. The application provides functionality to view and query spatial layers from the WCDoA spatial database, search the Western Cape Surveyor-General farm and erven cadastre database, draw and measure features on the map, import and export geographical data compose, and export digital maps.


The Cape Agricultural Mobile Information System (CAMIS) is a mini, location-based version of the existing CapeFarmMapper desktop web application. The application works on any GPS-enabled smarthphone or tablet and enables a user to retrieve information directly from the Department’s vast collection of spatial data, including cadastral and demarcation information, long term climate variables, broad-scale soil descriptions, vegetation types and even provides access to a live weather forecast based on the user’s location


Risk Assessment

The Risk Assessment Unit's function is to calculate or assess risk or resource potential based on current and historical risk assessment data and statistics.  

Accordingly, the Risk Assessment Unit reviews monthly agricultural production conditions in the various regions of the Western Cape.  The activities of the unit include monthly reporting combined with appropriate research.    

Climate information obviously plays an important role in determining agricultural conditions.  Here emphasis is on climate zones, historical long-term, near-real time (previous month) and prognostic information.  The unit compiles Agri-Outlook reports to illustrate the current climatic and agricultural conditions in the province.  These reports appear monthly and are grouped together to present a continuous flow of information.  Accumulated reports are available from 2014 up to the present.

Research in this unit involves the development of technology and skill in interpreting climate & agricultural conditions and for the release thereof to the agricultural communities in appropriate formats.  For example, one project concerns customization of global forecasting technologies through focussing on Western Cape agriculture. This project relies on joint research and participation from the various sectors of agriculture in the province.

The monthly output as described also addresses specific input as required by DAFF.  Accordingly the unit represents the WC DoA at two national forums, namely the Crop Estimates Committee (see Crop Estimates Press Release) and the National Agro-meteorology Committee (NAC Advisory). 

Users can access the above mentioned (highlighted) reports directly from the Agri-Outlook webpages.  Additions appear on a monthly basis so users are advised to visit this site regularly.

Contact Details 

Dr Mike Wallace

Tel: +27 21 808 5088