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The purpose of the Programme: Rural Development Coordination, is to create vibrant sustainable rural communities, to facilitate the implementation of the National Comprehensive Rural Development Programme in the Western Cape and to facilitate the development of farm workers.

The Programme: Rural Development Coordination focuses on coordinating the implementation of the rural development nodes in the Province and the facilitation of services through:

The Programme is structured into two sub-programmes namely:
8.1 Development Planning
8.2 Farm Worker Development

The Programme: Rural Development Coordination is structured into two sub-programmes namely Development Planning and Farmworker Development.

The Programme: Rural Development Coordination is structured into two sub-programmes namely Development Planning and Farmworker Development.

Farmworker Development Business Plan & Annexures for 2015/16

Important Notice - Invitation for the submission of applications for the funding of Farm worker related projects for 2015/16 - English / Afrikaans

List of Rural Nodes as per CRDP

Project Business Plan Template 2015-16 - English / Afrikaans
Project Business Plan Attachment 2015-16 - English / Afrikaans

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Rural Development Coordination - Radio Elsenburg contributions - can be downloaded here:

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Sub-Programme: Development Planning

To successfully facilitate the implementation of the national CRDP in the selected rural development nodes in the Western Cape.

Holistically improving the quality of life of communities living in rural areas through a coordinated development approach between all three spheres of government, rural communities and the private sector.

33% of people in the Western Cape live outside of the Cape metropolitan area. Research through household profiling initiatives has shown that some rural communities have unemployment rates of up to 80%.

The strategic goals of the sub- programme: Development Planning is:


Sub-programme: Farmworker Development

The Sub-programme: Farmworker Development is to enhance the image and socio-economic conditions of farm workers and their family members through facilitation of training and development initiatives to improve their quality of life.

The Western Cape has approximately 175 000 farm workers and is home to almost 24% of the farm workers in the country. This is an indication that farming in the Province is relatively more labour intensive than is the case in the rest of the country. Geographically the Western Cape Province farm activities are very large and diverse and therefore it is important to uplift and assist our farm workers on all levels.

In general farm workers and their family members are isolated from the main stream social interaction and do not have regular access to life skills training. Furthermore, in most cases they lack the awareness of the dangers of substance abuse and the effects it may have on the breakdown of the social fabric in their communities. It is therefore essential to build pride amongst farm workers and their family members as they contribute towards the success of the sector.

The sub-programme started with a farm worker household survey to establish a database for farm workers during the 2011/2012 financial year. The sub-programme originally did this project in partnership with the Department of Social Development. The Department of Social Development pulled out of this project by the end of 2011 and thereafter the sub-programme decided to make use of a service provider to do the survey. The survey was started in the Overberg in August 2011 and was the pilot project for the 2011/2012 financial year. The Overstrand local municipal area was completed and a report was made available. Following the farm worker strikes in 2012/2013 this project was prioritised as a provincial wide survey with the Overberg and Cape Winelands as focus areas to start with. The aim of this initiative is to collate reliable information on farm workers and their needs to inform appropriate government response interventions.

The strategic goals of the Programme: Farm worker Development is:
Align farm worker service delivery to the footprint of the Development Planning and Farmer Support and Development initiatives.

Application for Funding can be downloaded here.

Provincial Farmworker of the Year competition

The competition was established to give recognition to the valuable and important contribution of the farm worker towards the sustainability and growth of agriculture in South Africa.

The vision of the Department of Agriculture: Western Cape is to present the competition on a provincial level first, and then extend it on a national scale.

All farm workers may participate. A farm worker is any person who forms part of and makes a contribution towards the farming operation. The employer, the management/farm committee or co-employees may nominate individuals for the competition.

For more information w.r.t. the Provincial Farmworker of the year competition - you can download the manuel here in afrikaans and english.