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Minister Alan delivers Department of Agriculture 2015/16 budget speech


Premier Helen Zille and Minister Alan Winde officially launch Barn Khayelitsha

Premier Helen Zille and Alan Winde, Minister of Economic Opportunities, this week launched a multi-million rand business incubator to support tech entrepreneurs and drive job creation in Khayelitsha and Mitchell's Plain.

Premier Zille and Minister Winde this month officially launched the Barn Khayelitsha, based at the City of Cape Town's Lookout Hill premises.

The Barn's priority areas will include business development support, helping women in business and youth development. Mobile technology will received special attention.

Local businesses in the tourism sector will be assisted with marketing strategies to attract more visitors. Another focus area will be supporting subsistence farmers to grow their operations, using technology, to become commercial farmers.

It will work with tech entrepreneurs to develop solutions to local problems. Residents will be able to create prototypes, test their products in their communities and commercialise their concepts.

The Barn is a joint initiative of the Western Cape Department of Economic Development and Tourism and the Cape IT Initiative. The Provincial Department has invested R2.4m into the project.

Premier Zille said: "The Western Cape Government is working tirelessly to enable entrepreneurs to access opportunities. Technology and innovation are critical in creating jobs in the economy."

Minister Winde said: "Barn Khayelitsha is a launchpad for opportunity. The creation of jobs and growth is my number one objective and through the Barn we are building the right ecosystem to do just that. People are starting to look at the Western Cape as a centre of innovation. This is a platform for entrepreneurs to develop their ideas and take them to the world."

The Barn concept provides an excellent environment for entrepreneurs. By sharing resources, they are able to keep their costs low. Within the hub they also have access to guidance from experienced mentors.

Projections from the Bandwidth Barn in Woodstock show that between now and 2017, businesses incubated there will generate over R200 million for the local economy.


For media queries, kindly contact:

Bronwynne Jooste
Spokesperson: Alan Winde
Tel: 021 483 3550


World-class quality drives high growth for Western Cape exports


Western Cape wine estates win prestigious global awards

Val du Charron Wine and Olive Estate
La Motte Wine Estate
Spier Wine Estate
Stellenbosch Wine Route


Project Khulisa set to open doors

The Western Cape Government is passionate about giving more people in our province the opportunity escape poverty and live better lives. We believe that the best and most sustainable way to do this is to create an environment in which businesses can grow because growing economies create jobs.

In this term of office, we have taken a bold new approach to growing the economy and creating jobs.

While we will still focus on our initiatives aimed at supporting all businesses, we are also putting in place a set of high priority, practical projects to unlock opportunities in sectors where we have a clear but unrealised competitive advantage.

We called this Project Khulisa, which, translated from isiXhosa, means "Project Grow".

Project Khulisa falls under our Provincial Strategic Goal 1, which focuses on job creation and opportunities to help improve the province's economy. The four other goals are improving education, improving community wellness, improving quality of life and promoting good governance.

According to Minister of Economic Opportunities Alan Winde, "the Western Cape Government believes it is our role to create an environment in which the private sector can grow the economy and create jobs".

Our focus areas

In the first phase of Project Khulisa, which runs between now and 2019, we are focusing on what government and the private sector can do together to improve growth and job creation in the following three sectors:


This sector includes business and leisure tourism, which is already a major contributor to the economy of the province. It directly contributes R17 billion to the region and has so far created 204 000 formal jobs in the province. It was chosen for initial focus because we believe that, by working together, we can grow these figures substantially. Tourism also creates jobs on all skills levels, but especially among medium- and low skilled residents.

We are currently working with the tourism industry to decide on how we will improve this sector. We are considering:

We are aiming to ensure that the Western Cape becomes an all-year destination.


With a focus on food, beverages, exports and domestic product potential, agri-processing currently contributes R12 billion to the local economy and has created 79 000 jobs in the province. By helping this industry to grow, we can create jobs for residents in our rural areas. Through Project Khulisa, we aim to grow agri-processing in the Western Cape by:

Oil and gas

This sector is a national focus area that has created 35 000 formal jobs in the province and we are focusing on this sector as many jobs can be created for artisans in midstream services such as rig repair. We believe Project Khulisa can help generate growth and jobs in this sector by:

The next steps

Over the next six months, we will meet with representatives from industry and other spheres of government to ensure that we work towards the same goals and become the best-run regional government in the world. In this first phase of Project Khulisa, we will finalise the work we plan to roll out to communities over the next five years.

Western Cape Government establishes Land Reform Advisory DeskWestern Cape Government establishes Land Reform Advisory Desk

The Western Cape Government has established a Land Reform Advisory Desk to aid the speed of transformation in the province's agricultural sector. Alan Winde, Minister of Economic Opportunities, said the desk was located at Casidra's head office in Paarl.

Casidra is an implementing agency for the Western Cape Department of Agriculture.

Minister Winde said: "Speeding up land reform is one of my foremost priorities. The Land Reform Advisory Desk will offer guidance to farmers, community organisations and residents. We are putting our full weight behind efforts to get viable projects going."

Minister Winde welcomed the establishment of the National Department of Rural Development and Land Reform's district land reform committees. The committees, which are convened and chaired by the National Department, have started meeting regularly.

There are six committees in total one in each of the districts across the province. They are comprised of representatives from national and provincial government, organised agriculture and civil society.

Minister Winde said the Western Cape Department of Agriculture is represented on all the committees.

"These committees will seek to identify land to meet the land reform goals set out in National Development Plan. The NDP has set a target of 20% transfer of agricultural land to previously disadvantaged South Africans by 2030, a goal which we are determined to contribute towards. The Western Cape Government will continue to strengthen the support roles we play. One of the tools we are using is Casidra's Land Reform Advisory Desk. The only way we will achieve the NDP targets is through a collaborative approach. I want to urge all of our partners to work together to escalate the number of land reform projects in our province, as well as improve their rate of success," said Minister Winde.


For media queries, kindly contact:

Bronwynne Jooste
Spokesperson: Alan Winde
Tel: 021 483 3550

Minister Winde commends Stellenbosch entrepreneur for making world first Rooibos-wooded wine

Minister Alan Winde with
Mr Trevor Strydom

A Western Cape winery is ready to revolutionise his industry after patenting a ground-breaking technique using Rooibos and Honeybush in the production of wine, beer and cider.

Today, Alan Winde, Minister of Economic Opportunities, visited Audacia Wines in Stellenbosch for a closer look at the innovative technique, which is the brainchild of local entrepreneur Trevor Strydom.

Strydom has replaced traditional oak wood with Rooibos wood in the production of his wine.

Research conducted by the Department of Viticulture and Oenology at Stellenbosch University and ARC Infruitec-Nietvoorbij found that there were powerful antioxidants in Rooibos and Honeybush which may assist in preserving the wine naturally. This method has the potential to eliminate the need for Sulphur Dioxide and other synthetic materials as preservatives.

Strydom said this was a significant development for the industry, for organic wine-makers and for those with sulphur allergies.

Audacia's "No Sulphites or Preservatives Added" Merlot 2013 was recently awarded a Veritas 2014 bronze medal.

Minister Winde commended Strydom and his team for the cutting-edge concept.

"Entrepreneurs like Trevor Strydom are helping to build the brand of the Western Cape as a centre of innovation. The only way we can remain competitive is if we embrace innovation. This initiative speaks also to the value of adding value, a space the Western Cape Government is currently driving hard through a new economic project called Project Khulisa (Khulisa means 'to grow' in isiXhosa). Through Project Khulisa we identified agri-processing as a high-potential sector which can dramatically add to growth and jobs in the region. Several firms in the agri-processing sector are already developing new products to compete on domestic and export markets, and we are embarking on targeted initiatives, with industry, to ensure this grows", said Winde.

Minister Winde added that Audacia's innovation was an example of driving growth through partnerships. They are working with stakeholders including Stellenbrau Brewery and Windermere Cider to ensure that Rooibos is infused in their products too.

"In the Western Cape, 167 494 residents are employed in the wine industry. Close to R20 billion (53%) of the wine industry's contribution to national Gross Domestic Product is generated in the province. Exciting innovations like these are excellent news for our wine industry as they will help it to grow further," said Winde.

The Western Cape Government is working hard creating an enabling environment for all entrepreneurs.

"We will assess how we can support entrepreneurs with the patenting process. Further, we will continue our efforts to eradicate unnecessary red tape so entrepreneurs like Trevor have the environment they need to grow their businesses and create jobs."


For media queries, kindly contact:

Bronwynne Jooste
Spokesperson: Alan Winde
Tel: 021 483 3550


Statement by Minister of Local Government, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning, Anton Bredell and the Minister of Economic Opportunities, Alan Winde.

Western Cape Government assists water stressed Kannaland

In a bid to address water shortages in the Eden district, the Western Cape Government will fund R2.1 million for a set of interventions aimed at increasing the region's water supply.

The provincial departments of Local Government, Agriculture and Provincial Treasury have allocated the money for relief measures in Zoar, the most water stressed area in the region. Zoar is part of the Kannaland Municipality.

The interventions include:

As part of the strategy to increase the water supply, water from the nearby Jongensland dam will be pumped into Zoar.

At this stage, the affected area will not be declared a disaster area, as the planned interventions are considered sufficient to address the current situation.

Anton Bredell, Minister for Local Government, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning, said the major reason for the water problems in the area appears to be weather related.

"The region has seen very hot weather, low rainfall and in the past winter season, snowfall was limited. Generally the snow from the winter months affects the flow of the rivers providing water for the area in the summer months."

Bredell says the department is in consultation with the National department of water and sanitation with regards to further long term interventions for the region.

"Our department is also on the ground in the area and on hand to provide any further assistance and guidance to the local council if called upon."

Alan Winde, Minister of Economic Opportunities, commended the local agricultural sector for their role in increasing domestic water supply to the area. Farmers have been making their own water supplies available for the district at no charge during the past two weeks.

"The impact of a water shortage cuts across all sectors and we'd like to thank the farmers for channelling their own water supply to residents. Through collaboration between all spheres of government, residents and farmers, we have found solutions," said Minister Winde.

The provincial government calls on consumers in the area to use water sparingly and responsibly.


For media queries, kindly contact:

James-Brent Styan
Spokesperson to Anton Bredell
Telephone: 021 483 2820

Bronwynne Jooste
Spokesperson: Alan Winde
Tel: 021 483 3550


Food garden competition to award Southern Cape residents

Southern Cape residents who are taking the lead in food security will be awarded at the Food Garden Competition, hosted by the Western Cape Department of Agriculture.

Residents with gardens in Karatara, Rheenendal and Fairview were invited to enter the competition. The two categories are household and community gardens.

Alan Winde, Minister of Economic Opportunities, will attend the ceremony on Friday.

The competition involved 14 household gardens in Karatara, 16 in Fairview and 26 in Rheenendal.

In 2013, the Provincial Department of Agriculture, along with other stakeholders, handed over food gardens to residents in the area. Minister Winde said the food gardening project was a prime example of the Western Cape Government and residents working together to ensure households can meet food security needs.

"The aim of this competition is to encourage residents to continue growing their vegetables, promoting food security in the Western Cape," said Minister Winde.

There will be opportunities for interviews and photographs.

Date: Friday, 6 February 2015
Time: 10:00 12:00
Venue: Karatara Community Hall, Main Road, Karatara

For more information contact:

Bronwynne Jooste
Spokesperson: Ministry of Economic Opportunities
Western Cape Government
Tel: 021 483 3550
Cell: 060 970 4301
Email: bronwynne.jooste@westerncape.gov.za
Twitter: bronwynnejooste




Minister Alan Winde addressed students at the start of the academic year at Elsenburg Agricultural Training Institute in Stellenbosch. Download Minister Winde's speech here.

Minister Winde with students at the opening of the academic year at Elsenburg Agricultural Training Institute


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