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About the Elsenburg infopaks

The Western Cape Department of Agriculture has compiled a large number of information sheets (infopaks) wich provide concise information on a very wide range of agricultural topics.

Every infopak is available in English, Afrikaans and Xhosa.


Animals, diseases

  1. Inoculation in the combating of stock diseases
  2. Mastitis
  3. Pulpy kidney
  4. Blue tongue
  5. Botulism
  6. Redwater
  7. Zoonoses
  8. Newcastle disease
  9. The healthy pig
  10. General diseases in ostriches
  11. Sheep scab
  12. Lumpy skin disease
  13. Rift Valley and Wesselsbron
  14. General principles concerning endoparasites
  15. Three-day stiff-sickness
  16. How to see if your animal is sick
  17. Pizzle rot (Peestersiekte)
  18. Anthrax
  19. Plant poisoning in Namaqualand
  20. ORF
  21. Abscesses
  22. Brucella ovis
  23. Lamb mortalities


Animals, feeding

  1. Practical suggestions on the feeding of grazing sheep and goats
  2. The feeding of reproducing sheep and goats
  3. The feeding of the farm horse
  4. Colostrum
  5. The feeding of replacement heifers up to the first calving
  6. Feeds for dairy cows


Animals, management

  1. Dog care in general
  2. Reproduction management of small stock
  3. Breeding for better production
  4. Hoof care and shoeing of draught animals
  5. Practical suggestions for successful pig farming
  6. Small-scale chicken farming
  7. General principles on the raising of dairy calves up to the age of three months
  8. Hand-milking of cows
  9. Harnessing working donkeys and horses
  10. Pig unit for small farmers
  11. Fryer coop for small farmers
  12. Observation of farm animals on heat
  13. The draught animal in emerging agriculture
  14. Artificial insemination
  15. The marketing of surplus animals
  16. Management of dry cows
  17. Rounding off of lambs in feeding pens


Animals, species

  1. Milk goats
  2. Dorpers
  3. The Boer goat
  4. Karakuls


Crops, vegetables

  1. Consider carefully before you produce vegetables
  2. Production of onion plantlets by the small farmer
  3. Planting out onion plantlets
  4. General guidelines for the cultivation of sweet melon
  5. The cultivation of paprika
  6. The cultivation of watermelon
  7. The cultivation of beetroot
  8. The cultivation of cabbage
  9. Carrot seed production
  10. Production of dry bean seed in the Little Karoo
  11. Vegetables under protection (tunnel farming)


Crops, other

  1. Management of Kikuyu pasturage that is boosted during winter by annual pasturage crops
  2. Old man saltbush
  3. Protea cultivation
  4. Inoculation of legume crops
  5. General guidelines for the cultivation of lucerne: preparation of soil and seed
  6. General guidelines for the cultivation of lucerne: establishing and general handling
  7. Guidelines for the cultivation of cotton along the Lower Orange River
  8. Know your veld
  9. Basic guidelines for veld improvement
  10. Cultivation of olives in arid and semi-arid regions
  11. How should perennial ryegrass be grazed?
  12. Jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis)


Financial management

  1. Managing your farming enterprise
  2. Cash-flow planning in financial management



  1. Fruit farming as a small-farmer development
  2. Fruit production - climate
  3. Fruit production - planning



  1. Irrigation
  2. The installation, maintenance and management of irrigation systems
  3. The management of soil moisture



  1. Spraying poisonous substances
  2. Arc welding
  3. Tractor care
  4. The spraying machine
  5. Soil conservation: small structures
  6. Wire fences



  1. Our precious soil
  2. Fertiliser



  1. Tree planting
  2. How do I grow my own trees?
  3. Windbreaks
  4. Trees as protection of stock against extremes in temperature
  5. Prosopis